Kubota’s BX sub-compact tractors have the power and versatility for digging, hauling, plowing and all the other tasks around the yard. Their compact size makes them easy to handle and store.

All tractors are powered with a rugged, liquid-cooled 3-cyclinder diesel engine. Kubota’s Swift-Tach Loader system allows you to attach or detach the front loader without getting down from the tractor, while the BX23S’s Swift-Connect backhoe is the ideal combination of convenience and performance. The easy-to-attach mid-mount mower decks are available in two sizes – 54 or 60 inch – to match your mowing needs.

Engine (HP)
2-range hydrostatic transmission
4WD Drive
Hydrostatic power steering
Hydraulic Category I 3-point hitch
Tyre Options (turf/bar/industrial) turf/barallallturf/industrial
Swift-Tach Loaderoptionaloptionaloptionalstandard
Swift-Connect Backhoenononostandard
Mid-Mount Moweroptionaloptionaloptionaloptional

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