L40 Grand

The Grand L40 is one of the most capable, mid-sized tractors available. Whether you’re a professional landscaper at work or a homeowner clearing brush, Kubota’s durable and versatile Grand L40 will boost your productivity and deliver professional-quality results with everyday simplicity.

Kubota has enhanced the hydrostatic transmission and given it a name: HST Plus. This innovation gives optimal control of the hydraulic pump and the drive motor. For example, the HST Hi-Lo function increases the transmission’s range to from 3 to 6 speeds while the Auto Throttle Advance feature simplifies tractor operation and reduces fuel consumption.

Under the hood is the impressive, 4-cycle diesel engine that integrates Kubota’s exceptional Three Vortex Combustion System (E-TVCS) to deliver exceptional power and efficiency.

While all models have features that maximise comfort and reduce operator fatigue, the L4240 and L5740’s boast a deluxe cab that reduces noise and is spacious and comfortable.

From farming and construction work to turf management and landscaping, this versatile tractor will meet your needs and deliver the superior results you demand.

Selected FeaturesL3240L3540L4240L5740
Net Engine Power (HP)
PTO Power (HP)
4WD Drive
Hydrostatic power steering
yes yesyesyes
Hydraulic Category I 3-point hitch
yesyesyesCategory I & II
Tyre Options (LSW turf/turf/bar/industrial) allallallall
Front Loader (Optional)LA714LA714LA854LA854
Square Back Bucket (Optional)L2256 (66")L2256 (66")L2235 (72")L2235 (72")
4 in 1 Bucket (Optional)L2244 (60") L2244 (60") L2244 (60") /L2245 (72")L2244 (60") /L2245 (72")
Pallet Fork (Optional)B2A36SD (36")B2A36SD (36")B2A42SD (42")B2A42SD (42")
Bale Spear (Optional)L2237L2237L2237L2337
Backhoe (Optional)BH77BH77BH92BH92
Mid-Mount Mower (Optional)RC72-38RC72-38--

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