Featuring a quiet, clean powerful engine that incorporates Kubota’s Three Vortex Combustion System (E-TVCS), the MX5200 is a highly responsive workhorse. The in-built balancer reduces vibration and noise.

You can choose between either the smooth HST or the responsive synchro shuttle gear drive transmission. The HST model features a hydraulic servo system that increases pedal responsiveness which in turn delivers smoother handling and more control whatever the load size. The gear drive transmission has 4 main shift speeds and 2 range-shift speeds (Hi/Lo) resulting in 8 forward and 8 reverse speeds to choose from, giving you the versatility you need to maximize your productivity.

Kubota’s performance-matched 3-point hitch allows easy attachment of a wide variety Category I and II rear-mounted implements and offers enormous lift capacity. The optional front loader is also performance-matched which ensures precise operation and improved productivity.

Selected FeaturesMX5200 Gear 4WDMX5200 HST 4WD
Net Engine Power (HP)
No. of Cylinders
Live-independent PTOyesyes
(no. of speeds)
8F/8R3-range speed
Power Steering yesyes
Category I & II 3 point hitch yesyes
Front Loaderoptional optional

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