Kubota’s RTV-X900 offers comfort and versatility, making it Kubota’s most popular model for all types of jobs.


  • Powered by Kubota’s 21.6 HP diesel engine renown for its dependable performance even in the toughest terrains
  • Features Variable Hydraulic Transmission (VHT-X) that offers a wide torque band and large oil cooler
  • Front and rear independent suspension for an exceptional ride regardless of terrain or load. Kubota’s Extra Duty IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) technology sets the standard for durability
  • High ground clearance to a full 263mm with 205mm of suspension travel
  • CV Joint protectors and skid plates provides engine protection from obstacles
  • True 4-wheel drive with limited-slip front differential and a locking rear differential
  • Multi wet disc brakes/dynamic braking for added security


  • Carry up to 0.43 cubic metres of cargo with tie-down hooks to keep your load secure
  • Dump sand, gravel, or anything else from the manual dump bed
  • Standard two-inch receivers at the front or back so you can tow 590 kg of gear
  • Comes with a range of accessories and attachments

Comfort and Convenience

  • 60:40 split bend seats with adjustable driver seat
  • Hydrostatic power steering with a tilt-adjustable steering wheel to increase comfort and reduce fatigue
  • More comfortable back seats with additional leg room
  • Under-seat storage compartments and glove box provide plenty of space for tools, tie-downs and other items

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